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Meet Naquasia Pollard

Executive Director & Founder

mom and motivational speaker

Naquasia Pollard is an advocate, activist and direct service provider. She was incarcerated for 15 years in a Women’s Correctional Facility at the age of 19. After being released in 2017, she worked at the Ladies of Hope Ministries where she utilized her BA in Sociology, earned in prison, to support women impacted by incarceration.

Our Mission 

The mission of Pure Legacee Inc.is an alternative to incarceration for young adults ages from 16

to 21 years of age that has been directly impacted by the justice system and/or that is in the

foster care system that is aging out facing homelessness. To advocate to change policy for

juvenile at the grassroots level.

Our Vision

To provide residential placement rather than prison,to improve the human condition of these

children that need service and resources to succeed in life.To change judicial policies and

advocate against laws that criminalize children.To work with district officials as a tool to mobilize

our organization vision.

Our Goals

● To deliver results to provide transitional support.

● To provide an alternative to incarceration for young adults that have been labeled as

criminals. To create leaders and mentors to underprivileged communities.

● To reduce recidivism among this population and to mobilize this population to advocate

for themselves and their peers.

Our Values

● Dignity,Integrity,and purpose

● Educate,elevate,and advocate

● Achievement, hard work,and dedication

Our Objective

● To provide a safe residential space for young adults to change their struggles to

empower others and in their community.

● To address sexual, physical,and mental abuse through group discussions and one-on-

one professional counseling.

● To provide educational support and substance abuse referrals.

● Assessments for services

● To train these young adults to become advocates and organizers through social media.

Our Programs

License Counseling

Licensed Clinical Master of Social Worker ,and Master student interns.


16- week healing mentoring training program.


We teach  our girl skills for the workplace with Resume prep, and interviews with potential employers 


A healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient's body and restore physical and emotional well-being.

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Adolescents in New York City are Effected by many systems. These systems unfortunately may have a

negative impact on an youth’s upward mobility. Percentages vary as it relates to adolescents in foster care

regarding housing, education, legal status, and interpersonal relationships. A review was completed to

examine the dynamics affecting adolescents for the purpose of housing. Researchers show how housing

can be utilized as a means of prevention. As these systems gravely impact foster care alumni later in their


All Hands In

Restoring Brooklyn one hand at a time

"We Care Fund"

Please help Purelegacee in the simplest way by donating to  our "We Care Fund". This fund will provide  monthly care packages  containing  sanitary hygiene ,oral care, soap, towels & washcloths, skin care, water, healthy snacks, And a metrocard.  Nothing says "I care", More than providing basic essentials for our girls. Please help us make a difference in these young ladies' lives and we will take care of the rest . Thank you for your charitable donations ,may you be blessed in ten fold !sincerely ,The women of Pure legacee

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