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The Alternative To Incarceration 

The mission of PureLegacee Inc (PLI) is to serve as a haven of healing for females ages 16-24 who have experienced trauma as a direct result of the criminal justice system and/or aging out of foster care and facing homelessness. To accomplish this mission, PureLegacee Inc. provides an alternative to incarceration and advocates for justice reform at a grassroots level. PLI uses training and advocacy as tools to impact systemic change.


Get to Know Us

In 2018, Naquasia Pollard created PureLegacee Inc drawing upon her own experience with systems that were supposed to support her but instead failed her as a young girl. Since its inception, PLI has supported hundreds of young girls and their families in New York. In 2022, the organization started expanding its programs to reach girls in Detroit, Michigan, through education and advocacy.

Our Vision


Be The Solution

PureLegacee Inc. envisions a world where girls obtain safety and wellness after injury directly caused by the criminal justice system; where tools and resources are provided to break the cycle of incarceration and homelessness, and where grassroots advocacy becomes tangible policy reformation. To accomplIsh this, our mission is to serve as a place to heal while addressing systemic trauma and advocating for the amelioration of current justice structures. 

Our Partnerships 


Service. Healing. Change.

PLI’s vision for a positive collaboration is rooted in justice and equity. For the organization, a successful collaboration involves transparency and sharing resources, skills and connections. These collaborations are critical to our work and require intentional Planning and execution. In New York, PLI has a formal partnership with A.I.M 1 Charter School and receives referrals from the Department of Corrections and the Department of Probation to serve incarcerated youth. PureLegacee is strategically partnering with organizations that have young women that are a part of the Department of Youth Probation, Children’s Village (Arches) ACS to receive referrals. PLI also partners the Ladies of Hope Ministries, the Women’s Prison Association, among others. In Detroit, PLI partners with Rising Sun Inc, and Great Minds Project 5.0 to recruit program participants, learn lessons and enhance coordination of services. 


Donate &
Be Apart of the Solve

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