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PureLegacee Mentor Training Program


Transforming Mindsets to Leadership

A 16-week trauma-Informed program trains girls to become peer mentors by giving them tools and resources to break the cycle of incarceration, overcome systemic barriers and build community with each other. The goal is to give them a better perspective of self-image to help build their communities through literature, music, art and social media. This program uses the Credible messenger framework to uplift the voices and experiences of directly impacted young women. Reiki sessions are utilized to teach participants holistic healing techniques.


Operation Crown Adjuster
Big, Little Mentor Program

An year-long program created to expand opportunities for girls that have completed the Mentorship Training Program. They are paired  as mentors, ages 17-24 (“Bigs”), with young girls ages 9-13 (“Lils”) to engage in high-exposure field trips and activities to further enrich social emotional growth and personal development. The goal is to provide peer mentorship to young girls to create and trust a safe space that addresses negative experiences like bullying, sexual harassment and other social issues. 

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