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PureLegacee Mentor Training Program


Transforming Mindsets to Leadership

Our 16-week Mentor Training Program employs restorative justice practices to foster a strong community and manage conflict and violence effectively. The program equips girls with tools to become peer mentors, helping them break the cycle of incarceration and build community. Key elements include:

  1. Restorative Practices: Healing through narrative, understanding self, and building community.

  2. Holistic Healing: Addressing trauma with Reiki and exploring the concepts of devaluation, community erosion, dehumanized loss, and rage.

  3. Generational Trauma: Learning through music, art, and history.

  4. Financial Literacy: Building income equity and financial stability.


Operation Crown Adjuster
Big, Little Mentor Program

An year-long program created to expand opportunities for girls that have completed the Mentorship Training Program. They are paired  as mentors, ages 17-24 (“Bigs”), with young girls ages 9-13 (“Lils”) to engage in high-exposure field trips and activities to further enrich social emotional growth and personal development. The goal is to provide peer mentorship to young girls to create and trust a safe space that addresses negative experiences like bullying, sexual harassment and other social issues. 

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