Our Programs

The mission of Pure Legacee Inc is to serve as a haven of healing for females ages 16-21 who have experienced trauma as a direct result of the criminal justice system and/or aging out of foster care and facing homelessness. To accomplish this mission, Pure Legacee Inc. provides an alternative to incarceration and advocates for justice reform at a grassroots level. PLI uses training and advocacy as tools to impact systemic change.

Advocacy & Community Organizing

Pure Legacee's vision to transform the criminal legal system tackles the root causes of systemic problems while uplifting the voices and experiences of directly impacted young women as healers and problem solvers. Pure Legacee Inc works to change judicial policies by advocating against laws that criminalize children. We partner with national advocates, local community-based organizations, and district officials we obtain tools to mobilize our base to achieve our mission. Also, we provide a 12-month advocacy/community organizing and policy-development training, preparing our youth to organize against social injustices that affect their community. After completion of the program, participants are prepared to design and implement grassroots organizing campaigns, focusing on issues that personally matter.

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Internship Program

An 8-week Internship Program for girls aging out of the foster care system and impacted by mass incarceration. The goal of the program is to invest in the professional and leadership development of young women of color that are marginalized by society.  As a result of this program, young women have increased financial security, access to job opportunities that pay living-wages, and skills that contribute to their professional development. After completion, participants have workforce experience and are better prepared to join the workforce. 


Mentorship Training Program

A 16-week trauma-informed mentorship training program focusing on educating young women in community organizing, policy advocacy, and leadership development. This program trains girls to become peer mentors by giving them tools and resources to break the cycle of incarceration, overcome systemic barriers and build community with each other. The goal is to give them a better perspective of self-image to help build their communities through literature, music, art and social media. This program uses the Credible M essenger framework to uplift the voices and experiences of directly impacted young women. Reiki sessions are utilized to teach participants holistic healing techniques.


Resource Hub

A culturally and linguistically relevant virtual resource hub accessible to any young woman within New York City, focusing on the poorest districts: Brownsville, South Bronx, Harlem, and Far Rockaway. The resources included in the hub will be updated every week to stay relevant, accurate and timely. We partner with local service providers to participate in the virtual resource hub to connect young women with critical free and low-cost resources such as opioid training, GED classes and coding classes. The virtual resource hub also provides immediate opportunities for young women to build resiliency, wellness, and safety. The Hub is grounded in community and culture and includes resources to provide the space and tools needed to address mental health and trauma in order to ultimately heal this moment of crisis and beyond.

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